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Article 104 - Credit Reports

LBYA! - Look Before You Apply

Yeah! I went to buy a new car on credit and got turned down... Why?

My Mortgage has been refused... Why?

I tried to open a bank account and got turned down... Why?

Simple Answer! Because you didn't LBYA!

Always check your credit report before you make applications for credit.

Get the low down on the credit report world.

Article Code: 104

Honest Reviews.

We get around quite a bit and decided to post out some reviews on places we have been.

Get the low down on where to stay, eat and catch some interesting locations and activities.

For a few years now I have been saying that we should write reviews on where we visit, so here it begins. We mainly travel around locally but occasionally go to Wales and the lakes.

Look what we found on our travels!

We do give reviews on local establishments as well so if your interested in us visiting your place and giving our opinions then contact me for more details at

** If you are not open to honest reviews then I suggest you keep believing you're great!

Article 102 - Lottery Systems

Look what you could've won!

Want to be a Millionaire? Which is the best system to use?

Get the low down on lottery systems... or scams.

All calculating formulas will say they increase your odds of winning but in actual fact just by putting 6 numbers in a line you have already increased your odds of winning, and the more lines you put on the more you increase your odds of winning.

There are lots sites out there boasting Scientifically proven formulas that will change your life completely, but do they work?

It is quite simply a Calculation Of Numbers i.e. C O N!

Article Code: 102